Personal Interests: Skiing, camping , ATV’ing, poker (Texas Hold’Em’), baseball, movies

Favorite Food: Mexican Food in general, chili rellenos if I have to pick one!

Favorite Artist: Eric Clapton, The Eagles

Favorite Thing to Do: Let me put it this way: I enjoy doing just about anything with my family (my wife and my 4 children). Because I really don’t think of my job as “work”, this would also include doing things with my 36 “other Kids” and their families at Compliance Solutions!

Compliance Solutions Pride: Of all the companies I’ve been involved with, Compliance Solutions staff are by far the most diligent, dedicated group of individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure to be associated with. Their commitment to customers and to each other is what makes them the outstanding, caring professionals they are.

Personal Interests: Minnesota Viking Fan, Golf, Travel, Poker

Favorite Food: Indian Food, Mexican Food

Favorite Artist: R&B and Old Style Rock & Roll

Favorite Thing to Do: Travel and visit new places

Compliance Solutions Pride: Compliance Solutions has a great team of people that has made it the most dominate training company in the environmental industry. We focus on providing the very best “value” in the industry.

Personal Interests: Hiking, cycling, fishing, hunting, reading.

Favorite Food: Cheeseburger and Fries

Favorite Artist: Too many to list a favorite. I love almost all genres of music.

Favorite Thing to Do: Spend time with my family.

Compliance Solutions Pride: Top Quality Education!

Personal Interests: My family and friends, living in the mountains (God’s country) and fishing.

Favorite Food: Italian and Mexican

Favorite Artist: Bob Henle

Favorite Thing to Do: Playing pool and bowling in leagues. Get to meet a lot of nice people and compete for a great sense of accomplishment.

Compliance Solutions Pride: I take pride in the way we try harder to get everything right for our customers. We work together (even our executives) to make it the best in the business.

Personal Interests: Reading, Helping others, Museums, Zoo

Favorite Food: Chinese

Favorite Artist: Various Rock ‘n’ Roll artists from 1970’s – 1990’s

Favorite Thing to Do: Spend time with my son. (Or watch Law & Order!)

Compliance Solutions Pride: I have a true belief in the product(s) we offer to the consumer. With this as my motivation, I have a true sense of integrity in what I do on a daily basis.

e-Learning Course Development

Personal Interests: Politics, World Events, Science and Technology, Architecture, and Landscape Design

Favorite Food: Steak Fajitas (extra spicy)

Favorite Artist: Acoustic Jazz and Ambient Electronica

Favorite Thing to Do: Good conversation, Cooking, Hiking, Playing Music, and watching well-made SciFi movies.

Compliance Solutions Pride: Over the years I have grown to appreciate everyone I work with. I enjoy what I do and feel valued, therefore I am compelled to offer my very best.

Personal Interests: Movies, Music, Food

Favorite Food: Italian

Favorite Artist: Groovy sounds of the last century

Favorite Thing to Do: The outdoors, concerts, the movies

Compliance Solutions Pride: Dedication to safety, quality and service


Personal Interests: Cooking/Baking, Photography, Movies, Volleyball

Favorite Food: Mexican

Favorite Artist: I enjoy all types of music. A few of my favorite artists include Dave Matthews, Craig Morgan,& Eric Church.

Favorite Thing to Do: Travel, Cooking, Reading, Spending time with Family & Friends.

Compliance Solutions Pride: I enjoy working at Compliance Solutions for many reasons. In my position, I am able to utilize my organizational, multi-tasking abilities in an ever changing environment. Additionally, I am able to work with dynamic, smart, genuine people on a daily basis.

Personal Interests: Helping and encouraging others, Traveling and LOVING MY FUR BABIES!

Favorite Food: Pasta, Seafood and Mexican

Favorite Artist: Maze & Frankie Beverly, The Isley Brothers, Kem, Sam. (Art): WAK

Favorite Thing to Do: Dance, Bowl, Hike and just have fun!

Compliance Solutions Pride: It’s nice to be part of a National Recognized safety leader.

Personal Interests: Education and books

Favorite Food: Seafood

Favorite Artist: The Beatles

Favorite Thing to Do: Taking ‘Kimber’ to the dog park.

Compliance Solutions Pride: The people I work with are fun and genuine. It’s also great to be part of a company that strives to make a difference for it’s clients.


Personal Interests: I enjoy spending time with my family, the Denver Broncos, music

Favorite Food: Italian!

Favorite Artist: Anything R&B, right now it would be Bruno Mars and Frankie J. I listen to a little bit of everything though.

Favorite Thing to Do: Play soccer with my son (He always wins!), Anything outside, movies, and going dancing!

Compliance Solutions Pride: Compliance Solutions is an outstanding group of very knowledgeable people. I am fortunate to come to a job that I love every day!

Personal Interests: playing sports, hiking, sky diving, outdoors activities in general

Favorite Food: I love food way to much to have just one favorite!

Favorite Artist: Jamie Grace

Favorite Thing to Do: Hanging out with family and friends, staying active!

Compliance Solutions Pride: I love my role within the organization. I feel like I’m doing my part in helping workers achieve skills that can save their lives.

Personal Interests: Family and enjoying the great outdoors

Favorite Food: SEE FOOD, eat it

Favorite Artist: Widespread Panic

Favorite Thing to Do: Ski Ski Ski

Compliance Solutions Pride: I find solutions!!!!

Personal Interests: Like to follow the greatest football team in the history of football the Green Bay Packers (12 World Championships). Enjoy reading about WW II and US History.

Favorite Food: My cheeseburgers are hard to beat.

Favorite Artist: Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Johnny Cash and a lot of 70’s bands.

Favorite Thing to Do: Enjoy hunting, fishing and just being in the outdoors.

Compliance Solutions Pride: We are the best in the business of HAZMAT training. Good people to work with.

Personal Interests: Music, Karaoke, and Reading

Favorite Food: Italian Anything

Favorite Artist: Michael Jackson

Favorite Thing to Do: Karaoke and Concerts

Compliance Solutions Pride: That our customer’s safety comes first with us, always!

Personal Interests: Coaching kids Football, Basketball, Baseball. I enjoy Skiing and Scuba Diving, Motorcycles, Traveling, and Personal improvement and Networking.
Favorite Food: Mexican

Favorite Artist: Eddy Murphy

Favorite Thing to Do: Spending time with my son Grayson. I am a native to Denver so I am a Huge fan of the Rockies, Nuggets, Broncos, Buffs and Air Force. I also love attending concerts.

Compliance Solutions Pride: Compliance Solutions invests in there team members so they can achieve personal goals. CS also encourages employees to invest in themselves via personal improvement training.

Personal Interests: Cooking, Poker, Video Games.

Favorite Food: Puerto Rican Food

Favorite Artist: Jay-Z

Favorite Thing to Do: Eating at nice restaurants.

Compliance Solutions Pride: We are a big family here


Personal Interests: Photography and teaching Ballroom Dancing, and world travel.

Favorite Food: Mexican, and International Cuisine

Favorite Artist: Augustin Lara

Favorite Thing to Do: Train Corporations, employees, on Risk Management, OSHA, EPA, DOT Regulatory Agency Standards, which is a win-win situation for Employers, employees, and employee families.

Compliance Solutions Pride: The spending of money to continue being a professional firm is a priority of Compliance Solutions, in the Instructor Manuals, Student Manuals, Power Point Presentations that they have developed.

Personal Interests: Going to the beach, Theme parks

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Artist: Far to many to just pick one.

Favorite Thing to Do: Go to the beach.

Compliance Solutions Pride: What I like about working for Compliance Solutions is that I get to meet new people every week and help start them off on a new career the correct way. I love this industry because I truly feel that a difference is being made to better the planet.

Personal Interests: Movies, Billiards (Pool), Karaoke
Favorite Food: Mexican and American

Favorite Artist: Hmmm…

Favorite Thing to Do: Singing and watching movies

Compliance Solutions Pride: Excited to be apart of an industry that betters our world. Compliance Solution is a part of that solution!

Personal Interests: Photography, Carpentry, Sailing, Learning, Nautical History

Favorite Food: Italian food such as chicken alfredo, lasagna, etc.

Favorite Artist: I have eclectic tastes, but I probably like John Denver more than others.

Favorite Thing to Do: Spend time with friends, sailing, building projects from cabinets to buildings, restoring old boats.

Compliance Solutions Pride: I like it that Compliance Solutions puts quality of service and customer relations first. We strive to provide excellent training while giving the customer what they want and need. We will adapt training to fit the needs of the customer as much as is possible while still maintaining the mandatory requirements set forth by OSHA and DOT.

Personal Interests: Boy Scouts: Proud father of 1 Eagle Scouts and a Life on the trail to eagle, Family, wood working, cars and collections.

Favorite Food: Any Italian just could not just pick one

Favorite Artist: 70-80?s Bruce Springsteen Beatles and more

Favorite Thing to Do: Family stuff whatever I have to drive my boys to; from sports events school events and Boy Scout outings.

Compliance Solutions Pride: So far everything: the fast pace, the travel, the people I work with and the clients I have met.

Personal Interests: Golf, Mummers (a Philadelphia Tradition)

Favorite Food: General Tso’s chicken

Favorite Artist: Cinderella and the 80s hair bands.

Favorite Thing to Do: Ventilate a burning building by breaking windows.

Compliance Solutions Pride: I love going into the different industries all over the country to meet and learn from Compliance Solutions students.

Personal Interests: Family, Fishing, and researching History.

Favorite Food: Steak or anything I can put in my Smoker.

Favorite Artist: I listen to Music from Bach to Top 40.

Favorite Thing to Do: #1 Be with my Family, #2 Fish

Compliance Solutions Pride: Even after retirement I am still able to keep my hand in training Safety with Compliance Solutions as a Contract Instructor.

Personal Interests: Traveling, snow skiing, reading, water skiing, hiking, and animal rescue!

Favorite Food: Ice cream!

Favorite Artist: Mercy Me

Favorite Thing to Do: Travel with my husband

Compliance Solutions Pride: At the end of each class, I tell the students to call upon Compliance Solutions for any follow up training or questions. It feels good to be able to rely on this crucial support.

Personal Interests: Phys Ed, Fishing, and Hunting

Favorite Food: King Crab Legs

Favorite Artist: Carrie Underwood

Favorite Thing to Do: Participate in my church activities.

Compliance Solutions Pride: I love the camaraderie that is formed with students each time Compliance Solutions sends me out on the road. Also, I love the people I work with at Compliance Solutions. They are practically my family.

Personal Interests: Play drums and read John Grisham, Scot Turrow novels.

Favorite Food: Sopa de Mondongo Hondureña

Favorite Artist: Dean Martin (born Dino Crochetti)

Favorite Thing to Do: Fishing with my daughter.

Compliance Solutions Pride: I love traveling and meeting new people in class and learning from them. I always walk away knowing more than when I arrived.