Custom Course and Online Portal Development

Thinking about hosting your own Learning Management System (LMS) or developing your own online courses? Regardless of your experience level, one thing everyone agrees on is the time involved finding a system you like and writing your own courses (if you even HAVE the in-house talent) can be downright daunting! If you are serious about getting your training online, we’ve got great news for you: As a leader in the online training industry, we’ve been dealing with different LMS platforms since 1998. Not only can we put this knowledge to work for you, we can do so and save you substantial dollars in the process.

To be fair, it will take some thought and effort to get your project quoted and if you desire, configure your own LMS but, anything WORTH doing will require some effort. If you are at the stage where you know (or think your know) what you’d like and are ready to get down to brass tacks, let Compliance Solutions help. If you can invest a little time and effort, we’ve developed a short questionnaire that will give us the basic information we need to give you a quote and get you started on your project. The more information you provide, the more definitive we can be in our suggestions and our quote. If you find that you’re not able to answer the majority of the questions, you may not be as “ready” as you thought you were…..DON’T WORRY, that’s what we’re here for. Give us a call and we’ll talk you through it (and/or figure out if you really ARE ready to make the leap). Either way, we’d love to be your training partner and we’re willing to spending the time needed to educate you on what it takes to have your own online training and your own branded portal.

If you need help or have questions before you begin, call 800-711-2706 Ext 0 and ask to speak with a Custom Training Portal Specialist.

Although there WILL be more information we need later, your answers to these questions will help us understand what kind of training you want developed, the kind of platform you want and how to make these 2 goals work together.  Thank you!

Pre Development Project Questionnaire:


Company Name *

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Type(s) of courses you want developed:
OnlineSeminarBlended Learning (both)

Title(s) of course(s) you want developed (please be specific): *

Please list the number of student/employees for EACH COURSE you expect will be using the training annually: *

Will this course be for your company's use?

Do you plan on "re-selling" this offering?

Do you have your own "e-commerce" application (an online program that allows you to "sell" the courses)?:

Will these be "Certification" courses (where your company will be issuing a certificate specifying training under a specific CFR) or is this to be an "awareness" training?

Please list the CFR's:

Do you want Compliance Solutions to host and/or maintain the courses for you AFTER they are developed or do you want your own, branded portal?:

Do you have an LMS (Learning Management System):
Name and version of application and year of install:

Is the LMS owned and hosted on your servers or hosted elsewhere?
Is the LMS SCORM compliant:

How long do you anticipate each course(s) to be (in hours/minutes):

Please indicate if you want the following options included in the final course:
AudioVideoStudent InteractionsChapter QuizzesFinal ExamTime/Student trackingOther

Do you own video or will we purchase/shoot new?
OwnPurchaseShoot New

Do you have pre-written content for the course(s) or will we be developing it from scratch?:

what format (Word, Power Point etc.):

Do you have digital copies you can send us for review?

Do you have written outlines for the training already developed?

Can you send us a copy to review?

Will your company be providing an SME (Subject Matter Expert) to consult with on content/training issues or will this be our responsibility:

What is your desired time frame for:


Do you have a working budget established for this project:

What is your budget?
Have you ever had a online training project quoted?

By who?

Use this area to list any special concerns, issues or areas of importance you would like is to know about: