Medical Clearances

examBefore an employee can wear a respirator they must have a Medical Clearance (also known as a “Fit-to Wear” Clearance) from a doctor or a medical professional stating they are medically cleared to wear a respirator. This process  involves an extensive review of the employees medical history and in some cases, additional testing if there are questions or concerns related to their background. Respiratory clearances can ONLY be performed by a qualified occupational medical professional. The cost (doctors offices can charge as much as $125.00 and $275.00 for each employee) must be paid by the employer. Compliance Solutions® Online Medical Clearances are priced @ $69.95 each!  If you want to stop spending more time and money than you need to in a doctor’s office, try this convenient, low-cost alternative! For more information, click here.  Medical Clearances are available in English & Spanish!