RCRA/EPA Hazardous Waste Management Training Certification Online

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Applicable Regulations

40 CFR 262.34 and 265.16

Who Should Take This Course?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandates that individuals who deal with or manage hazardous waste must have an initial training course BEFORE beginning the duties of their job, as well as recurrent training on an annual basis. Employees who should have the training are: Supervisors, Hazardous Waste Generators, Environmental Compliance Professionals, Employees of Transportation, Storage and Disposal Facilities (TSDF’s) and people responsible for the transportation of hazardous waste.

The Key determinate is whether the employee has the potential, through his/her performance of duties, to come into contact with any HAZARDOUS WASTE.


This 16-Hour online training course from Compliance Solutions, will teach you how to understand and simplify applicable EPA regulations and most importantly, learn to apply them at your facility. Please be aware that additional training under OSHA’s HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) 1910.120 and DOT Hazardous Materials Shipping 49 CFR 172.704 may be required for you and your employees depending on your facility’s specific circumstances.

Course Objectives

The Hazardous Waste Management course discusses the definition of a hazardous waste, labeling requirements, storage areas, disposal facilities, and provides exercises for hazardous waste determination. The objective of this training is to provide certification (initial or annual) as required by EPA for all employees impacted by this regulation. Additional Emergency Response Training may be required for your employees under OSHA, EPA and DOT regulations. This training may be conducted by the employer, providing they have the sufficient training and education, or by an outside training company.

Completion Instructions, Requirements, and Checklist

Certifications: Each student who successfully completes this on-line training course will receive a Certificate of Completion suitable for framing. This certification will be mailed to the address on the registration 3-5 business days after completion of the course (providing full payment has been received).

CEU’s, Duration, Prerequisites

Duration: 16-18 Hours Minimum 16 Hours
Prerequisites: This course is designed for employees WITHOUT previous experience or training.

Course Topics - Contact Us for a Detailed Outline

  • Emergency Response
  • Generator Regulations
  • HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations And Emergency Response)
  • History Of The RCRA Law
  • Incinerators, Boilers, And Industrial Furnaces
  • Land Disposal Restrictions
  • RCRA Air Emission Standard
  • Solid Waste, Hazardous Waste, And Recycling
  • Summary Of Regulations For Generators Of Hazardous Waste And
  • Tsdfs
  • Transportation Container Marking And Labeling
  • Transporter Requirements
  • TSD Facility Requirements
  • Underground Storage Tanks
  • Used Oil Management
  • Waste Characterization
  • Waste Minimization, And Manifesting