Safe and Defensive Driving Training Course Online

Who Should Take This Course?

Employees who must drive automobiles (cars, vans, pickups) as part of their job. Positions like field sales personnel, field technicians, or personnel visiting offsite locations including delivery of small parts or equipment, will benefit from this course. Large delivery trucks are beyond the scope of this course.


When driving, we sometimes take on a different personality. Unfortunately that personality is often a reckless risk taker, or someone that is overly aggressive. The Safe and Defensive Driving training course discusses tips and techniques for avoiding risks and aggression. The Safe and Defensive Driving Course also identifies numerous factors that appear as innocent actions, but have the potential to cause accidents and injuries.

This online course, designed for commercial as well as “pleasure” drivers, teaches the techniques to be a safe driver. Check with your insurance company after receiving your Certificate of Completion. Many Insurers offer premium discounts from 5% to 20% for completing a defensive driving course.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of Safe and Defensive Driving, the student will be able to:

  • Recognize external factors that inhibit drivers ability to concentrate
  • Apply techniques for focusing attention to the task of driving
  • Detect behaviors and situations that may weaken driving ability
  • Employ stress-reducing actions to avoid unsafe driving
  • Complete a pre-trip checklist to ensure vehicle safety
  • Recall procedures for contingency plans, in case of emergency situations

Completion Instructions, Requirements, and Checklist

Assessment Quiz on completion of the module.

CEU’s, Duration, Prerequisites

Duration: 1-2 Hours
Prerequisites: No prerequisites are assigned to this course.

Course Topics - Contact Us for a Detailed Outline

  • Assessment & Statistics
  • Defensive Driving
  • Emergencies
  • How Does A Safe Driver Behave?
  • International Driving
  • What Does A Safe Driver Do?
  • What Makes A Safe Driver?