System Requirements

Follow the instructions below and you’ll be training in no time.

Required Browser and OS: Microsoft Internet Explorer® IE 9.0 or higher on a PC. ‘Java’ and Flash must be installed and enabled. To get Internet Explorer, click here.

Follow the steps below to configure Internet Explorer:

  1. With Internet Explorer open, click on  in the top menu bar (the latest version of IE has a , just under the address bar) and open up the Internet Options.
  2. Choose the Security Tab and click the . Scroll to the ‘Use Pop-up Blocker’ option and , click OK and close your Security Settings Dialog box. When asked “Are you sure you want to change the settings for this zone?”, .
  3. On the Security tab, also remove the check mark from  then click ‘Apply’. A pop up message will appear, . For more information on Protected Mode, click here.
  4. Choose the Privacy Tab, adjust the settings slider to  from the Turn on Pop-up Blocker option, then click Apply. Click OK and close your Internet Options
  5. If you have the Google Toolbar installed you must set the pop-up blocker to ‘Allow Pop Ups from’ by first . Once you are at, click the  to expand your options. Next, mouse over ‘Pop-up Blocker’ and choose  from the rollout menu.
  6. In the bottom right of the Internet Explorer window, .
  7. Adobe Flash® Player and Java Plugin: The Adobe Flash Player must be installed on your system. To ensure you have the Flash Player installed, and to obtain the latest version, click here to be directed to the Version Test for Adobe Flash Player page. To verify you have the Java Plugin installed, select Manage Addons from the Tools menu. Look for the Java Plugin and check to make sure it is enabled. If you do not have the Java plugin installed, click here to get it.
  8. Finally, make sure you are not filtering ActiveX which allows flash content to play. Select the Tools menu, rollover Safety and ensure there is not a check mark next to ActiveX Filtering.