Course of the Month

Every month, Compliance Solutions offers one of its 50 high quality EH&S online courses at a 25% discount. Please check with us every month to find out which course is featured. Click on the icon above to find out this month’s featured course.

Online Discounts

This discount program gives very deep discounts for as much as 55% off our normal pricing. The more licenses you buy up front, the deeper the discount level you receive. One of the many great features that you get with this program is that you can combine any of our industry leading EH&S course. The discount level is based solely on the total number of licenses your purchase.

Frequent Trainer Program

This program is designed for companies who prefer to send their employees to Instructor-led seminar classes annually. The Frequent Trainer Program costs $90 per year to join and entitles you to an approximate 9% discount level for all seminar registrations for the entire 12 month period. You must send your employees to our Instructor-led seminars based in over 60 cities (12 different cites every week).

Premium Flex Account

This program is designed for companies that train 21 or more student every year. The program offers these clients the flexibility to send their students to Instructor-led classes or online classes. The discount levels are deeper for the seminar classes and not as great for the online training.

Library Pass (TM)

Our Library Pass® is an excellent option for those who require training/certification in multiple areas such as: Professionals who are new to safety, EH&S Managers, Plant Supervisors, H&S Professionals and Training Coordinators. Click the icon to view the three different levels available.