Frequent Trainer Club

Frequent Trainer Club Discount Pricing Schedule

2017 Frequent Trainer Club (FTC) Compliance Solutions Frequent Trainer Club provides more benefits, discounts and pricing options than any of our competitors plus membership is available for multiple location customers on a sliding scale. Instructor-led training courses in 60+ U.S. cities provide consistency and value unmatched in the hazmat industry!

FTC Membership Benefits:

  • Substantial Seminar Discounts: Unlike “multiple purchase” discounts, Club Members can use licenses for any date or any location! We guarantee your Club Price for one-full year.
  • Deep Refresher Discounts: As long as you are an FTC Member, any employee who takes their initial HAZWOPER Training with Compliance Solutions, receives their annual refresher training for just $90.00! Licenses must be purchased at the same time you renew your annual membership. Priority Registration: Just register 4-business days before the start date! No increase for Late Registration and…… you cannot be denied admission to any 40-Hour class because of over-enrollment!
  • Automatic Renewal Notification by phone, fax or email. Never miss another employee renewal again.
  • Special FTC Billing Privileges: No Late Registration Fees & Incremental Billing up to 6 months**

FTC Instructor-Led Pricing and Discounts:

Course TypeMinimum License Purchase/Member DiscountGold Member Price/Savings Per License
40-Hour HAZWOPER &
40-Hour Tech Level 3 Emergency Response
Initial Training
5-9 Licenses/11% Discount
10-19 Licenses/15% Discount
20+ Licenses/20% Discount
$556.25 Per Lic/Save up to $618.75/yr
$531.25 Per Lic/Save up to $1781.25/yr
$500.00 Per Lic/Save $2500.00 to $??
24-HOUR HAZWOPER5-9 Licenses/12% Discount
10-19 Licenses/17% Discount
20 + licenses/23% Discount
$462.00 Per Lic/Save up to $567.00/yr
$435.75 Per Lic/ Save up to $1695.75/yr
$404.25 Per Lic/ Save $2415.00 to $??
5-9 Licenses/20% Discount
10-19 Licenses/25% Discount
20 + licenses/32% Discount
$140.00 Per Lic/ Save up to $315.00/yr
$131.25 Per Lic/ Save up to $831.25/yr
$119.00 Per Lic/ Save $1120.00 to $??
DOT HAZMAT Transportation5-9 Licenses/12% Discount
10-19 Licenses/18% Discount
20 + licenses/23% Discount
$286.00 Per Lic/ Save up to $351.00/yr
$266.50 Per Lic/ Save up to $1111.50/yr
$250.25 Per Lic/ Save $1495.00 to $??


For more information,  click here to download the terms and conditions, and registration form