Instructor Led Training

Compliance Solutions is widely known and respected as the Industry leader in environmental training. We deliver mandated OSHA and DOT Instructor-led training in 60+ cities and have 30+ instructors based in 25 cities. We offer open-enrollment training classes in 12 different cities and average 6 private on-site classes at our clients sites every week. No other company or organization in the US, not even OSHA itself, deliver this level of service in training.

At Compliance Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing the very best value in the environmental industry. Our classroom instruction includes, Instructor-led lecture that incorporates comprehensive PowerPoint slides correlated to the student manual. We utilize video, group reviews and chapter quizzes and our own interactive table-top exercises the challenge our students to apply learned knowledge to mock situations. Each class (even our refreshers) include PPE based hands-on exercises where students don and doff required equipment allowing them to experience procedures first hand. On the final day of class, 40-Hour students interact a multitude of industry personnel who are there to take their 8-hour refresher. These individuals impart a wealth of knowledge and experience that, combined with our talented Instructional Staff is hard to beat in any educational setting. A good portion of the final day is spent covering changes in the industry and reviewing learned materials to ensure your employees have an excellent understanding of the subject matter and current industry practices that prepare them for the field AND their final exam.

While OSHA does not require an examination, as the leader in Hazmat training, Compliance Solutions understands the need to qualify and ensure students have a solid grasp on the materials presented in class. As such we proctor an open book exam that requires a 70% passing percentage. You can be assured that once your employee leaves our class, they will be safe in the field. After training over 250,000 students, we understand that not everyone is a learned “test taker”. In the rare instance a student fails an examination, our Instructors privately review the exam in detail to explain any incorrect answers and discuss why they picked the answer they did. As long as the student can sufficiently demonstrate competency and an understanding of the materials, they will still be certified.

Most of the largest environmental firms in the country prefer Compliance Solutions over our competitors mainly due to the high quality and comprehensive nature of our courses. As the largest private provider of hazmat training in the US, they count our training for consistency no matter where their employees are. Students and companies from Boston to Seattle and Minneapolis to Tampa Bay receive the same high level of instruction, interaction and training they have come to expect from the industry leader. We have been here since 1995 and you can count on us to be your valued training partner for many years to come.

Schedules And Registration Forms

For current class schedules and registration forms, contact our office at 800-711-2706 Ext 1 or call your Education Consultant directly. You may request schedules NOW by clicking the “Class Schedules (Download)” button below.  Online registration for classes is available at our Online Store.

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Compliance Solutions provides mandated OSHA, EPA/RCRA and DOT courses in over 60 cities. If you need certification level training, then you have found the best training provider in the United States. Please click on the symbol to view a list of our Instructor Led seminars.

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We have OVER 60 convenient locations for training! Here is our interactive training location map.

Seminar Cancellation/Refund Policy

Compliance Solutions understands that sometimes….. things happen. In the event you need to change a registration,  here is our Seminar Cancellation/Refund Policy