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Our development staff has literally hundreds of years of experience in Hazmat and H&S training.  Here’s your chance to find out what our clients already know…web-based training WORKS! To register for a free demo just add these products to your shopping cart and select “Check Out”. In just a few short minutes, you’ll experience our exclusive online Learning Management System, interactive training courses and the most comprehensive set of technical and customer support tools in the industry! Our live demos provide the actual content not just a few screen shots so, you’ll experience the SAME training content you’ll get in the full version.

Compliance Solutions training courses are years ahead of the competition…see for yourself! Better training, better customer service, unbeatable technical support, and of course, the name you’ve come to trust for all your Compliance training needs:

  • Exclusive multiple security protocols ensure verification of training and course time. You’ll KNOW regulatory time requirements are met!
  • Increased productivity and decreased “down” time.
  • Train “any time, anywhere” an internet connection is available.
  • Save on travel, hotel, per-diem and rental cars, train from your home or office.
  • No more searching for a course that fits into your schedule, train for exactly what you need, when you need it.
  • Full streaming audio and video.
  • Our exclusive “Online Instructor Access” that lets students talk to an instructor in “Real-Time” while they train. (Our competitors would LOVE to have this one!)
  • Extensive Chapter reviews and quizzes as well as final knowledge quantification and student learning assessment.
  • Premium content developed by our staff of environmental professionals (the largest private training staff in the US).
  • Don’t settle for second rate Customer Service! Compliance Solutions has the MOST ADVANCED technical support available on the net! Not sure what to do? Our support reps can immediately diagnose any setup issue in REAL TIME (with your permission of course!). Another Compliance Solutions Exclusive!

And of course, you have the piece of mind in knowing the course comes from Compliance Solutions, THE name you’ve come to trust your employees to for over 10 years. We put the “Class” Back in Online Training!

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