Best Price Guarantee

As any business person knows, to offer a lower price, you either cut costs, cut quality or both. In the safety training business, doing either is a recipe for disaster. Sure, we could offer cheap training if we stopped employing professional instructors, got rid of our full-time support and development staff, or we could rent sub-standard web servers in some 3rd world location. It’s really easy to sell training classes if you don’t care about the training you produce or the people you train but do you REALLY want to entrust the welfare of your employees, even possibly their lives to a company like that?

Money Back Guarantee

Compliance Solutions is proud to offer a large selection of online training courses designed to provide you and your employees with easy access to regulatory training courses that meet your OSHA, EPA and DOT requirements. We are so confident of our course content and the extensive professional development behind our courses that we are willing to offer a Money-Back Guarantee!

If you have NEVER PURCHASED ONLINE TRAINING with Compliance Solutions, we’ll take the uncertainty out of your decision. Click the link to find out how the Guarantee works.

Government Agency Discounts

Verified government agencies (City, State, Local, County or Federal) receive the following discounts:

Online (web-based) Training:15 % Discount

Seminar Training: 10% Discount

Directions: Place an order for Online or Seminar training. Your discount will be applied once we verify eligibility.

Your shopping cart will reflect standard pricing at checkout. Any discount will be applied BEFORE your card is charged or you are invoiced.

Multiple Purchase Discounts: Government accounts may take advantage of multiple purchase discounts. All multi-purchase discounts are applied to the order AFTER the Government Discount has been given.