Best Price Guarantee

As any business person knows, to offer a lower price, you either cut costs, cut quality or both. In the safety training business, doing either is a recipe for disaster. Sure, we could offer cheap training if we stopped employing professional instructors, got rid of our full-time support and development staff, or we could rent sub-standard web servers in some 3rd world location. It’s really easy to sell training classes if you don’t care about the training you produce or the people you train but do you REALLY want to entrust the welfare of your employees, even possibly their lives to a company like that?

Compliance Solutions has been the industry leader for over 17 years. You can count on Compliance Solutions to provide the same mix of high quality training and top-notch customer service that made us the company you’ve come to know and trust. At Compliance Solutions, we are acutely aware of our client needs and your reason you turn to us for quality training at a price you can afford. While we will NOT always be the lowest priced training course out there we understand that in order for your company to remain profitable, you must pay attention to your bottom line. Some times that not so easy. Because we know you don’t have the time to research every company then get bids from the ones you think with meet your needs we’re going to make it easy on you to do business with us.

Here is our promise:

Best Price Guarantee: It’s simple! Compliance Solutions will meet or beat any commercial competitors verified, published price*. If we can’t beat their price, we’ll pay you $50.00 for your trouble. We know that occasionally, another company will run a sale or simply want to “steal” your business…..FINE! We If we’ve done business before or your brand new to our company, we won’t let something like a lower price keep you from becoming a loyal customer. We’re also quite confident once you compare Compliance Solutions to our competition, you’ll understand that “dollar for dollar” Compliance Solutions is THE best value in the training industry!

How our Best Price Guarantee Works

Here’s how our Best Price Guarantee works. Just follow these simple steps:
  1. Download and fill out our registration form and return it to us with a copy of our competitors ad offering a lower price (if the price is listed on a web site, just send us the web address showing the course and price).
  2. Provided Compliance Solutions offers the same course of similar quality, we’ll meet or beat their price.
  3. If we can’t meet their price, we’ll send you a check for $50.00

So, it does not matter if you’re a “one-man band” or  your company purchases thousands of licenses, you can be assured you don’t have to compromise quality for a low price gimmick. You’ll always get the best price AND the piece of mind that comes with knowing your employees are properly trained. After all, that’s the reason you came to Compliance Solutions in the first place!

If you are a new customer who has never used our company, we also offer a new customer money-back guarantee.

Price Match Terms and Conditions

The Price Match is valid for commercially available training classes and excludes Federal or State funded/reimbursed training programs and grants, 2 for 1, trial, or one-time specials. To qualify, you must register for our course and the registration must provide verifiable proof (a copy of the current advertisement or a link to the website) of the lower price AND a COPY of the course outline. All offers must include a verifiable date of offer (historical pricing that cannot be verified is not acceptable). Courses must contain similar content and must be of similar type and duration. Take-home, video and correspondence type courses are not eligible. Finally the company must issue a similar certification and must be the same presentation style (i.e. Instructor Led courses will not be discounted when compared to an online, web-based or “broadcast”  type training course).