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Confined Space Entry Training

Confined Space Entry Training (29 CFR 1910.146)

Did you know that before you enter a Confined Space, it has to be tested for oxygen, flammable gases, vapors, and potential toxic air contaminants?

Do you understand the terms ‘Blanking or blinding’, ‘Double block and bleed,’ ‘Inerting,’ ‘Isolation,’ or ‘Line Breaking’? If not, you need this training! A confined space is large enough for an employee to work in, has limited means of entry and exit, and is NOT designed for continuous occupancy.

You and your employees need to know that Confined Spaces are among the MOST dangerous environments you will encounter.

Since 1995, Compliance Solutions has been certifying employees to work in and around confined spaces safely. We train you and your employees on identifying, understanding, and controlling the hazards encountered in confined spaces. For more information or a competitive quote, select your preferred method of training below. If you have questions about confined space training or need help (yes, we have REAL people who answer our phones!), give us a call at 800-711-2706Ext 1.

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