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D.O.T. Hazardous Materials Transportation

DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation Training (49 CFR 172.704)

In a “Post 9/11” world, shipping hazmat has become a very serious process for business. When shipping with FedEx, UPS, USPS, common carriers, truck, rail or any other mode of shipping, companies are subject to extreme liability, large fines and even the possibility of undergoing a business shut down!

The DOT (Department of Transportation) can levy fines of $32,000 PER occurrence. Without training, a single employee can rack up fines exceeding $960,000 in a single month.

The saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” was never more applicable than when investing in DOT Hazmat Training. Besides being mandated by the DOT, it’s the insurance no business can afford to be without!

With thousands of Hazmat shipments hitting our highways each day, it’s no wonder federal agencies have become more diligent in ensuring shipments are safe. If you ship hazardous materials, you need a training partner who understands your needs and how to make this complicated process easy for your employees to understand.

Tired of trying to fight your way through an automated phone system just to get a question answered? At Compliance Solutions, our fantastic customer service and support team are readily available to speak with you and solve any problem that you may have. Just dial our toll free number and hit extension 1 and someone will answer the phone. We also have a 24/7 paging system for any emergencies.

Who should be trained?

According to the DOT, anyone involved in the transportation process must be trained under 49 CFR 172.704. This would include employees who select a package, mark a container, apply a label, prepare paperwork (e.g. Bills of Lading, Manifests etc.) pack a shipment or take part in shipping of hazardous materials.

Where we come in:

Since 1995, Compliance Solutions has been certifying employees to safely ship hazardous materials. We train you and your employees to:

  • Properly identify and classify hazardous materials for shipping
  • Correctly handle, package and mark a hazmat shipment according to regulations
  • Become aware of security threats relating to hazardous materials in shipping

For more information or a competitive quote, select your preferred method of training below. If you have questions about confined space training or need help (yes, we have REAL people who answer our phones!) give us a call at 800-711-2706 Ext 1.