Jeff Kline: Founder / President / CEO
Matthew Tatusko: General Manager-Operations
Adele Waits: Staff Accountant
Carolyn Anderson: Logistics & Instructor Support Manager
Esti Marcus: HR and Recruiting Specialist
Samantha Gonzalez: Logistics Coordinator
Scott Jones: Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Drew Howell: Group On-Site Sales Manager
Michell Belisle: Corporate Partnerships
Renn Pesigan: Customer Outreach Team
Van Deala: Customer Outreach Team
Agnes Loria: Customer Outreach Team
Tiffany Capone: Education Consultant
Tracy Axtell: Education Consultant
Jerry Murch: Instructional Designer
Jen Martino: Marketing Manager
Brent Wadlington: Instructor - Georgia
Brian Otter: Instructor - California
Chris Candelaria: Instructor - Indiana
Christine Reed: Senior Instructor - Colorado
Christopher Hove: Instructor - Nevada
Dane Wilcox: Senior Instructor - Delaware
David Cervantes: Instructor - Texas
Don Lowry: Instructor - Tennessee
"Dozie" Nzom: Instructor - California
Eric James Barker: Instructor - Pennsylvania
Henry 'Scott' Brown: Instructor - Michigan
John Haudensheild: Instructor - Maryland
Michelle Dawkins: Instructor - Georgia
Paul Reimer: Instructor - Colorado
Randy Carter: Instructor - Arkansas
Ronald Tanner: Instructor - Florida
Sandra Sheils: Instructor - Michigan
Tonya Boyer: Instructor - Maryland
William McDonald: Instructor - Texas