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EPA Hazardous Waste Management

EPA/RCRA Hazardous Waste Management Training (40 CFR 262.34 and 265.16)

Does your facility generate or manage hazardous waste? If so, your facility must comply with RCRA (the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act). RCRA (pronounced “rick-rah”) has stringent requirements for companies that store, generate, dispose of, or treat hazardous waste. RCRA also mandates specific training requirements for personnel based on the facilities waste stream and “Generator Status”:

How do I determine my “Generator Status”?

The EPA assigns a Generator Status based on how much waste you generate/store and for what period of time.

  • LQG’s or Large Quantity Generators, generate/store at least 2,200 pounds of “regular” hazardous waste OR 2.2 pounds of “acutely” hazardous waste in any 90-day period.
  • SQG’s or “Small Quantity Generators” generate/store at least 2,200 pounds of “regular” hazardous waste or 2.2 pounds of “acutely” hazardous waste in any 180-day period.

If you store hazardous waste or generate a waste stream anddo notfall into either of these categories, you are a CESQG orConditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator.

LQG’s and SQG’s are required to provide EPA Hazardous Waste Management Training for employees and contractors. Even though the EPA does not mandate specific training requirements for CESQG’s, training and policies must be in place to ensure the CESQG remains compliant with RCRA regulations.

Who has to be trained?

The EPA clearly states the following personnel must be trained:

“all persons who work at, or oversee the operations of, a hazardous waste facility, and whose actions or failure to act may result in non-compliance with the requirements.”

In English, this means any employee or contractor who could potentially mismanage your hazardous waste must have RCRA/EPA Hazardous Waste Management training.

Where we come in:

Since 1995, Compliance Solutions has been certifying employees in Hazardous Waste and Emergency Response. Our Hazardous Waste Management course will teach you how to understand and simplify applicable EPA regulations and, most importantly, how to apply these regulations to your facility.

For more information or a quote for an on-site course (6 students minimum), select your preferred training method below. If you have questions about RCRA-Hazardous Waste Management training or need help (yes, we have REAL people who answer our phones!), give us a call at 800-711-2706 Ext 1.